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Big List of Paid to Write Sites


There are quite a few good sites on the net these days that pay you for writing sponsored posts on blogs or writing articles or submitting reviews of software etc. Almost all of them pay via PayPal. I thought it would be nice to compile a list of them, so here goes:

Sponsored Posts Programs (you need to have a blog)

  1. PayPerPost: It's the original site that started it all - the business of advertisers seeking sponsored posts on popular blogs. Payperpost is the perfect marketplace where bloggers sell posting space on their blogs while advertisers pay them through payperpost to write about their product/site. You can earn between $5 to $100 per blog post depending on your pagerank and traffic.

  2. Sponsored Reviews: is a similar service to payperpost in the sense that you get paid for writing about the advertiser's products or services. But there's also a big difference between the 2 services. Sponsored reviews allows bloggers bid their own price for writing about the advertiser's stuff which is then shown directly to the advertiser who accepts or rejects your bid. IF accepted you are given 7 days within which you write the sponsored post and submit it. You're paid within a week of submission via paypal.

  3. Smorty: is another sponsored blogging service that requires your blog to be at least 3 months old in order to qualify. You can register multiple blogs with Smorty, although you cannot review the same products or sites on more than one blog. Paid blog posts start at $6 each, with up to $100 per post possible for high traffic blogs and/or blogs with a high PageRank on Google. Bloggers get paid weekly on Smorty.

  4. LinkWorth: LinkWorth is primarily a text link marketplace but features a few programs of particular interest to bloggers. Their LinkPost program allows you to make money with sponsored blog posts. But if you prefer sponsored links instead of full sponsored posts, they offer that as well with their LinkInTxt program. In both programs, you will earn 70% of what the advertiser has paid for the sponsored post or link.

  5. Pay Me To Blog About You: is a new sponsored blog program that includes both sponsored blog posts and sponsored links. The site basically acts as a marketplace where advertisers can browse to find a blog to hire, or bloggers can place bids (i.e. how much they would like to be paid) for different opportunities that appear on the site. Pay Me To Blog About You also features a messaging system that allows bloggers and advertisers to negotiate directly with each other.

    Get Paid to Write Articles and Reviews (No need to own a blog)

  6. Associated Content: Associated Content provides a wide variety of different ways to produce content and be paid for it. All types of original content are accepted - the focus is on written articles, but you can also send in videos, images, or audio clips. These can be on essentially any topic you like. AC will then review your submission and make an offer - generally between $3 and $20 - before publishing it on their site. You can also earn an additional monthly bonus if the content you create becomes popular on the site. Note that Associated Content is only available in the United States.

  7. Constant Content: Constant Content is a site that supplies articles, reviews, tutorials, and other types of content to clients looking to complete web sites or other web projects. You can register on the site as an author and begin publishing content of your own. You are able to set the price someone must pay to use your articles and Constant Content takes a 35% cut from this. You also have full control over the rights to your work. You can sell usage rights, which earn less but can be resold over and over, or you can choose to sell the full rights to the work and earn a larger one-time fee for it.

  8. Thisisby.us: Thisisby.us is a writing community where anyone can submit their original works. These can be articles, opinions, how-tos, or just general musings on just about any subject. 50% of the advertising revenue of the site goes to the writers. Readers of the site vote on which content they like the most, and more popular writers will receive a higher portion of the revenue. An additional 10% of the advertising revenue goes to those who sign up and comment on the articles.

  9. Shvoong: Shvoong is a site that specializes in abstracts, which are essentially condensed versions (summaries or reviews) of larger written works. Anyone can sign up to write abstracts, and you can write your abstracts on anything you choose, in any language. You then receive royalties based on how popular your abstracts are.

  10. Software Judge: is a software review site. They pay writers for honest, original, opinionated reviews of software. The software you review must be chosen and downloaded (for free) from the Software Judge site itself. At the time this was written, there are over 100 titles to choose from. You can submit a maximum of three reviews per day, and they pay as much as $50 for a review. Besides cash, Software Judge also offers free software incentives for their top reviewers. You must be able to accept Western Union payments to get paid for your reviews.