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Auction Ads - A Unique Affiliate Program


ShoemoneyMedia company together with MediaWhiz( owner of TextLinkAds ) just launched the new AuctionAds - targeting on selling Ebay auction items. This means that this is a CPA (Cost Per Action ) ads system. You will only earn money when you successfully convert your traffic into the customer who buy the Ebay auction item through the ads. You may feel confusing on how this ads system works out. Anyway, I will give you some explanation here. First, take a look at the ad:

Instead of offering “channels” like Google Adsense, Auction Ads offers “Champaigns” to track the performance of your ads. Besides, Auction Ads is geo-targeted. This means that Malaysia traffic will only see Malaysia or World Wide Ebay auction item from the ads provided by Auction Ads.

How do you earn from Auction Ads?

  • Auction Ads passes 100% of your earning from Ebay to you. Ya, you are right. They didn’t even take one cent from you. For more details, you can take a look at the Ebay Affiliate Payment Structure. But, you don’t have to become Ebay Affiliate in order to become advertiser of Auction Ads. But, some people may ask “Why don’t we register for Ebay Affiliate instead of Auction Ads?”. This is because Auction Ads helps us to make everything easy by using the platform they provide. You will find that to set up ad by using Ebay Affiliate platform is far more difficult than the Auction Ads platform.
  • Auction Ads provides affiliate program too. You can earn 2% of the earning of your recommended advertiser for Auction Ads up to six months.
  • You will get your earning through Paypal when you pass USD10 threshold.

Shareaflick - Get Paid to Upload Favourite Videos


Shareaflick is a site just like shareapic, but shareaflick allows you to share your favorite videos with others and then get paid depending on the video views.

You need not to upload your own videos to shareaflick, just try to find some great videos in youtube and myspace, then submit the link codes of those videos to shareaflick, and then you can make profits from those videos if someone watch them from the links shareaflick provides you.

it's easy. just visit youtube and myspace regularly,and collect some interesting or useful videos you like, then submit them to shareaflick. that's all. certainly, if you wanna earn more, you can put the links in forums or your blogs, or send the links to your friends. more video views, more earnings.

Click here to Join Shareaflick

Web 2.0 Basics for Internet Marketers

There are a few different definitions for the term Web 2.0. When
you start looking at the various definitions, it can become quite
confusing. But in terms of Internet Marketing, it can be
simplified. Web 2.0 allows you and others to interact through a web
application. There are varying elements of Web 2.0. Let's take a
look at them.

1.Social Networking: Sites like MySpace and FaceBook have become
extremely popular. This is Web 2.0. People are able to create
profile pages, create a friends list, blog, and add comments to
their friends profile pages. They can also send broadcasts out to
their friends' lists. Internet Marketers have really learned how to
use sites such as these to their advantage, in order to reach a
mass market.

2.Social Bookmarking: Keeping bookmarks of your favorite websites
on your own computer is one thing. Keeping your favorite bookmarks
in a web environment that other people can share is Web 2.0. As an
Internet Marketer, you can bookmark every page of your website, and
tag each bookmark with your keywords. Other users of the social
bookmarking sites can search by keyword, and your site will come up
in the results. To save time, use a service such as Onlywire.com to
send your social bookmarks to multiple bookmarking sites at once.
It's free.

3.User Driven Content: Building a website no longer takes tons of
content. Look again at MySpace. The creator of MySpace didn't build
the content there - the people who use MySpace build the content,
and it is updated every minute of the day! It is wise, in this day
and age, to create sites that allow the users to build the content.

Blogging and RSS also play a part in the Web 2.0 revolution. Video
and podcasting also have a place in this bright new technological
world. Sites like YouTube.com, where anybody can upload their
videos, are as popular as MySpace.

As an Internet Marketer, you must keep up with the changes in
technology, and Web 2.0 implements many changes in technology, as
well as how information is presented and shared on the Internet. If
you haven't already started participating in Web 2.0 concepts, you
need to get started today!

Agloco ViewBar to be Launched this Week


Finally the news all Agloco enthusiasts have been waiting for - The Agloco Viewbar will be launched this week! Check out the official Agloco blog if you dont believe me...

After considerable delays, we're finally getting to see the viewbar being launched..thank God! Many people had actually started losing trust in the authenticity of the AGLOCO program, and many more might still think so.

Anyways, here's a quote about the launch from Agloco:

This weekend the Viewbar download is being moved from the test servers to the main servers. We will NOT need to temporarily take down the web site as we had thought, so we will not be sending out an email warning on that. If the transfer goes smoothly, the first download emails will be going out Monday morning California time (early Tuesday in Asia).

Though they say that they still haven't managed to connect all the ad servers.

We have made a workaround regarding the ad server problem and we will finally be launching the Viewbar. Some, but not all, of our ad networks will be connected. These networks have enough ads on them, so we are comfortable releasing the software as we continue to work on the outstanding issues that remain with the other networks. All of the preliminary Viewbar functions are there, but with the ad problems we will not be initially launching with the personalized ad targeting. We will continue to develop this capability after we have launched and when it is available the new version of the software will be incorporated into your viewbar automatically.
Let's hope it launches well and turns out a good money maker. Havent joined Agloco yet? Join Now!