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Get Paid for Banner Ads on Your Site


If you want to earn money by advertising on your website and you have a PayPal account you should take alook at Matched.co.uk. You enter the details of your website and any pages you wish to have advertisements on. They then match you with advertisers and pay you £3 per advert that you display on your website for a month. You can enter up to 5 websites and 5 pages on each site so potentially you could make £75 ($150) a month for doing vitually nothing.

You will need to submit the URL's on which you wish to place adverts, and if the page is approved, you will be allocated an advert. This advert is available in various shapes and sizes although the colours are fixed. When you have chosen the shape that fits an available spot on your page, you get the advertising code to insert.

Join Matched.co.uk for free and earn upto $150per month from your sites!