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Home Business Opportunity for US and Canada Residents


I read rave reviews about this home business oppportunity in a variety of online journals and blogs, and i decided to write about this ASAP!

Franchise gator promises to make you financially independent. Here's how it works:

In four easy step you could be on your way -

1. Select Criteria
2. Pick Franchises
3. Click "Request information"
4. Enter your information

Take the first steps toward franchise ownership at FranchiseGator!

With four easy steps, you can be on your way to financial freedom, in just a few minutes. The time has come to be financially independent.

Click banner below to check it out/give it a try:

As stated in the heading, the above free offer is limited to US and Canadian residents.

Genuine Internet Paid Surveys List


Online Survey sites have long been paying you - the internet user, for spending time on their surveys. However, due to the phenomenal growth of internet in our lives, a lot of scam sites have also sprung up that will never pay you.

I have therefore compiled a list of paid internet survey sites and sorted them by the countries in which they are available ( many internet survey sites only require residents of a particular country to sign them up with them.)

Internet Paid Surveys for All Countries (International)

  1. SurveySavvy: With over 1.5 million members and one of the best referral programs around, SurveySavvy continues to grow rapidly through its referral network. Your best way to earn cash is by answering simple online surveys and referring referring new members.
  2. Planet Pulse: Get paid for your opinions! Click on the banner above to join Planet Pulse. Its totally free to sign up, and you can earn UNLIMITED. Find out more by visiting.

Internet Paid Surveys for USA
  1. Survey Team: Join Surveyteam and get paid up to $80 to take surveys from the comfort of your own home! There is NO COST to join this amazing program! Membership is free. It doesn't get any better than this. Just follow the link below, signup, and get a $3 bonus!! Then start taking online surveys and watch the money keep rolling in.
  2. Synovate Survey: Ever have an idea on how to make an everyday product better? We are searching the world for consumers to share their opinions on what works and what doesn't. Earn Points & Rewards When You Make Your Opinion Heard.
  3. Survey Adventure: Your opinion is worth something at Survey Advenutre. We find survey companies everyday that pay you for giving your opinion. Let's face it. Companies need your input to make better products. Get cash for giving your 2 cents.
  4. Global Surveys Group: Businesses want to hear your opinion. And they are willing to pay you for it. Global surveys group connects these business to consumers and rewards them for their time.
  5. Lightspeed Research: It only takes a few seconds a day. Available only to the first 5000 panelists -after that this panel will close.

Paid Surveys for India
  1. Ciao Surveys: Takes part in paid surveys on a wide range of consumer-related topics. The feedback goes straight back to the manufacturers and decision- makers, so it has a direct influence on product development. And what's more, members earn cash or rewards worth up to 200 Rupees for each survey they take!
List will be updated soon. Keep checking back!

Agloco Auguest Update


Revenue – We are near completion with one of two improved revenue agreements. These should be implemented in August. They should greatly enhance September’s revenue in search and North American ad revenue. We are also in negotiations with one European network, to improve revenue there. We are in need of better networks in China, Brazil, India, Korea and Japan. We also need a network in the Middle East. If any Member has any leads on those, please post your ideas in the comment section.

The above quote is taken from the official agloco blog. For those like who are wondering
when exactly will Agloco start paying,
this is what Brian from Agloco had to say about revenue and cash payouts:

Is there going to be a “minimum” payout level achieved in my account like many affiliate programs have?

Yes, a minimum will be required to keep transfer costs down. All sums not distributed are accumulated in the Member’s AGLOCO account until the minimum is reached.

How are the cash payments going to work?

So, here are three of the potential ways AGLOCO can pay Members. As you know, when you use the Viewbar you accumulate hours (currently up to 5 hours/month, and plus a credit of referral hours at a 25% rate). These hours, both your monthly totals and your overall accumulated hours, are the basis for cash distributions.

Monthy Viewbar hours: Based on the hours you and your referrals surf each month, you will get a share of the “distribution pie”. Your share is equal to your percentage of the total hours accumulated by all Members (including referral hours). How would this work? Here is a hypothetical example. Suppose in a given month AGLOCO distributes $100,000 for that month’s hour accumulation. Also suppose that the total hours all Members have accumulated that month is 1,000,000 hours. This means that AGLOCO would pay $0.10 for each hour you are credited with that month. So in this example if you had accumulated (yourself plus referrals) 500 hours that month, you would be paid $50.

Total Viewbar hours: AGLOCO may also pay in the same manner as above based on total accumulated hours. This would “weight” the payment more towards those Members who joined and began accumulating hours earlier (including the time before the cash payouts have begun).

AGLOCO buying Hours for Cash: Here’s how it would work. AGLOCO would set a price per hour (say, $0.15), and we allow Members to sell their hours back to us at that rate. There would likely be a minimum number of hours you could sell. For instance, AGLOCO may only allow you to sell in 100-hour blocks. Hours that you sell would be deducted from your total accumulated hours for future distributions.

I realize that I have not given a concrete answer to “what an hour is worth”, “what a referral is worth”, or “the date you will be paid”. I wish I could. But, I maintain that to keep AGLOCO a sustainable venture, we must calibrate cash payouts to our actual positive cash flow, lest we suffer the same fate as AllAdvantage.

Wait a second, what about “shares”?

Our website talks about paying Members in “cash and shares”. As I’ve said before, I need to stay away from talking about “shares” in this blog. The lawyers would kill me if I went anywhere near talking about it because it is too easy to unwittingly violate a country’s securities laws.

AGLOCO is not a “get rich quick” scheme and never will be. By steadily using the Viewbar and building a sustainable business, we can make sure that Members will get distributions for years and years as we improve the usefulness of the Viewbar as a part of each Member’s desktop.