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Active on Twitter? Make money from your tweets

To outsiders, Twitter can seem like a big waste of time; a bunch of egomaniacs telling the world what they ate for lunch or what they think of the latest contestant on “The Bachelor.” But to those who use it and love it, it’s an invaluable resource. I’ve used Twitter to find new jobs, locate sources for articles, and gather information on a variety of topics.

There are many ways to use Twitter for business and personal success. However, until recently, I couldn’t put a dollar amount on Twitter. Then I discovered Sponsored Tweets, an advertising platform that connects companies with tweeters.

About Sponsored Tweets

SponsoredTweets is a marketplace that allows you to sign up as either an advertiser or a tweeter. Advertisers compensate tweeters with a per-tweet price, in exchange for their tweets. You can set your price, choose your categories and keywords, and then approve or deny offers from advertisers as they come in. After accepting an offer, your account will be credited within 24 hours of the tweet, and accounts can be cashed out once they reach $50 or more.

Features and Benefits

SponsoredTweets focuses on creating an open and transparent marketplace. This means that tweeters approve every single tweet before it gets sent out and choose when to send it out, instead of SponsoredTweets choosing the time and injecting it into your Twitter stream. Tweeters also get to choose the wording of their tweets, within accepted guidelines and examples.
Because of the focus that SponsoredTweets puts on openness and transparency, every single sponsored tweet is required to be disclosed. Disclosure is an essential element of the SponsoredTweet system, and tweeters are given several phrases and options to choose from when it comes to disclosure, preventing a difficult to understand or out of character sounding tweet.
The tweeter has complete control over their Twitter account at all times, and SponsoredTweets is a whitelisted Twitter application that has gone through Twitter’s API approval process. They also authenticate through Twitter’s OAuth process and never store your username or password. Again, every single sponsored tweet must be approved and worded (if they choose) by the tweeter before it is sent out, as well.

CPALead is an awesome affiliate program

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When sometimes you're looking to watch a TV show online or download a file, you reach a site through google but before you can watch or download the thing a message pops up that asks you to fill a survey or complete a trial offer to gain access.

Well in that case it means that the site owner is an affiliate publisher with CPALead - an amazing affiliate program that is monetizable globally.

If you have a site which also includes content that is rarely available elsewhere - including files, information, links etc - you can make it a premium content accessible only when your visitor fills up a survey or completes an offer, and thereby makes you money in your CPA Lead account. It is one of the most popular and unique affiliate programs around.

You can get paid by PayPal or by Wire transfer (depending on country). Minimum payout is $50.

Works even on blogspot blogs!

Join CPA Lead now and earn like crazy

Fortumo - Start your own SMS money maker business

Fortumo enables everyone to create their own SMS service within 5 minutes. The company believes that creating a mobile service is as easy as making a blog or a homepage.

Founded in 2007 and with offices in Europe and Silicon Valley, Fortumo is an open mobile payment platform, currently operating in more than 30 countries worldwide. We allow virtual goods providers, social networks, app developers, online and offline businesses to better monetize their users. With Fortumo, everyone can launch revenue-generating mobile payment service instantly and without any startup or monthly costs.

At the moment, Fortumo let users to create six types of services: SMS-info, SMS campaign, SMS-chatbox for basic users without programming skills, while Premium SMS-connectivity, SMS-pay and Pay for video for advanced users and community.

With Fortumo, everyone can launch revenue-generating mobile payment service instantly and without any startup or monthly costs.

Make Easy Money Online in 10 Ways


Here's a list of 10 ways to which can help you make easy money online. Earning money on the internet was never so easy!

Many of these really are unconventional ways to make money online. Go ahead and see for yourselves:

1.Take photos and sell them
sell photos online

One way you can get creative and make a little cash in doing so is to register and submit all your pictures to sites like Fotolia, Dreamstime, Shutterstock, and Big Stock Photo. These sites PAY you to give them pictures. In return, members of those sites get to use your images on their sites for free or for a small membership fee. So again it’s a win, win situation for everyone.

Taking pictures is easy. We all have cameras nowadays on phones, webcams on laptops, digital cameras… so why not get out there and take as many pictures as possible, then submit them to the sites above… who knows, you may have just taken a million dollar photo. Essentially, the more people who use your photo on their site, the more you get paid. If you happen to catch a celeb on camera, you may just have hit the jackpot as sites like mrpaparazzi.com pay small fortunes for any exclusive snapshots of high profile stars you may have.

2. Set up a shop for free and sell tshirts, mugs, stuff

Ever see those simple, but cool t-shirts saying things like ‘Slavery gets shit done’ and a picture of a pyramid on the t-shirt? Or maybe the classic ‘If you read this you’re gay’?

Well those little sayings sell. Why? Because they’re bold and funny. Certain people like to be controversial and unique and so they’ll buy that sort of stuff and wear it proudly.

There are free sites like cafepress, spreadshirt and threadless which allow you to design your own t-shirts, jumpers, mugs etc... then sell them online. They take the majority of the sales price and you get a slice of commission. For example, if a standard t-shirt costs $10, you can bump it up to $15 and take $5 for yourself per sale.

If the t-shirt is worth it, and it is unique and funny and all the rest, people will buy it. Same with mugs and teddy bears and underwear… you could even approach an offline business and offer to set up a shop for them selling t-shirts, jumpers, fleeces etc... (a school or local club for example would be a good bet). Imagine having a few hundred students buying those $10 $15 t-shirts ;-)
These sites take care of everything from orders to packaging and delivery and even customer service, so all you do is spread the word and watch your sales rise.

3. Create and earn with videos

Youtube is now a household name. 2 or 3 years ago, it was nothing. That’s the speed at which these sites take off, and how technology develops. Video is fast becoming the latest craze in advertising. You’re going to see more and more ads before and after videos online.

Fortunately, you can now earn money from your videos. Metacafe and Revver are two well respected video hosts which will pay you if your video is popular. Youtube have recently introduced their partner program for video uploaders in the US, Canada and the UK.

Some people are making thousands of dollars per month from this, and unless you are some sort of Steven Spielberg in disguise, it’s difficult to get 1 million views on your homemade video of you eating your dinner…. But if you have a funny or interesting video, it will spread virally on the net and you can always turn to digg or stumbleupon for a little boost up the ladder ;-)

Youtube as I’ve pointed out above will be introducing this sort of ‘paid for views’ system internationally, but for now, Metacafe and Revver are your best bet as they’re tried and tested.

4. Act as a broker

If you have contacts and a reputation, why not use them? Why not approach a webmaster trying to sell a site or domain name and ask for a 10% slice of the profits, should you find a buyer for him?

Tyler Cruz did exactly that last year and netted over $23k just for his brokering services – and that was just on one domain name which he helped sell. Not bad, that’s what a lot of people earn in a year!

Lots of people don’t like selling – they don’t know how to sell or what to price things at or where to start. If you have a knack for selling and have the balls to approach sellers and buyers and contact them, then this game could be for you. You’re anonymous on the internet to an extent, so you really have no excuses – just approach people, talk to them and offer them a deal. Worst they can say is no – and even then it’s by email or IM, it’s not like you’re being shunned in front of an audience or face to face.

Just like a real estate agent, if you can master this art, you’ll always be in demand and you’ll always earn good money.

5. Answer questions
yahoo answers

Ever hear of yahoo answers or bitwine? These are just two of many question & answering sites out there. People ask questions, and other people answer them.

Simple. Believe it or not, you can actually get paid for answering questions. Most of these sites pay for some answers, if they’re deemed to be high quality – you can’t simply answer a question with anything and expect to earn money.

So for the sake of a bit of thought and a few minutes of your time, not only can you earn money, but you can also help people. If you think like me, you can also answer ‘affiliate-friendly’ questions as I call them. These are questions which should immediately trigger alarm bells in your head… for example, if someone asks

“How do I set up a site and make money on the internet?”,

you could give an answer like this

" make x amount per month from my blog. To set up a site all you need is good host like Hostgator, a domain name and an idea. That’s how all websites start."

You can see how this can be profitable after a while… If you answer loads of questions like that, it won’t be long until you start earning as an affiliate. Just Answer is another.

6. Article writing

Article writing is one of the easiest ways to make money online. It’s also the most time consuming and definitely not everyone’s cup of tea.

If you think about it, webmasters are always looking for content… whether it be in forums, in new sites on a specific niche topic, movie reviews or even editing existing content and making it search engine friendly.

Information gets traffic and the more unique content added to a site, the higher it’s value, hence the reason why there will always be money to be made from writing.
Check out rentacoder or elance to name just two of many places you’ll find people looking for writers. You’ll also see people wanting article writers on digitalpoint forums or sitepoint (two of the largest webmaster community forums).

If nothing tickles your fancy, create your own thread, set your price and list your experience. You may only get offered peanuts, but it’s a start.

7. Ebooks

Ebooks, if written with care, thought and effort can be great resources – just like all good books. Anyone can write an ebook. You don’t have to be a writer to write and ebook however, and that’s why ebooks generally tend to be inferior to real life books – because more often than not, the quality is poor or just re-hashed from other ebooks and flipped for a few dollars profit by some 13 year old in his bedroom.

I’ve started writing ebooks, as they’re a great way to pour your heart out on a certain subject. This ebook, for example, was created by myself, over a few days in my bedroom and at college in any free time I had. All it takes is a PC, a brain and the ability to write fluent English. That’s what it boils down to. Of course you need to know you’re market and if there is a demand for what you’re writing about – assuming you’re going to sell your ebook. If you want to keep it free, all the better!

If you believe the ebook is of value and contains quality content that can save people time and dumb down things for them, then you can sell it. Who knows - you may end up with few grand’s worth of sales.

You could also end up with nothing, so be sure to price your ebook competitively and give out a few free reviews so you can get feedback and let other people see the feedback.
If you’re really adventurous you could add your ebook on clickbank and start an adwords campaign, plus maybe a separate referral program where people get paid 50% of all sales they earn you.

To sell a small ebook (or give it away for free) about tech related stuff, you’re best bet is to hit digitalpoint or sitepoint and create a new thread making a sales pitch. If a few people buy it and like it, it has a snowball effect and everyone starts buying it as they’re curious. So although you may be able to sell a poor quality ebook once or twice – don’t expect to do it again as you’re reputation will be shot to hell.

8. Design

I’m sure you have some sort of graphics design software lying around. Photoshop, Fireworks, Ilustrator… any of those ring a bell? If not, you can always use free software like GIMP.

If you have a creative side, you’re in luck – there’ll be no shortage of opportunities for you! Logos, Banners, Templates, Mascots, T-shirts… the list is endless. People are always looking for good and cheap designers. Usually, a webmaster cannot do everything… i.e think up of a site, write content, design, code etc… so he’ll outsource. Every couple of years he’ll probably want things re-designed. It’s an endless cycle.

Again, head off to rentacoder, elance, sitepoint etc… you’ll find contests, people looking to hire designers full time, people looking for one off logos and banners, people willing to partner with a designer…

My advice would be to offer a few free logos to people to build up your portfolio and reputation, then start charging a few bucks and gradually increase it once you gain more respect and have the portfolio to back you up.

Nobody will buy a logo off you for $50 if you have nothing to show – you need to start off small, earn peanuts, build a rep and portfolio and then gradually increase you’re prices.
For some inspiration and design talk, you can check out designcharts.com

9. Sell Forum Signature/Avatar

This is something I’ve noticed over the past year or so, it’s becoming more and more popular..
I’m sure you have a forum account somewhere that you regularly post on. If so, 99% of the time, you will have ad space sitting right under your nose.

In most forums, you have the option to create a signature link and an avatar. If you’re active on forums, there are people who will PAY you to rent out your signature and avatar. All you have to do is link out to a site and maybe display a little image as an avatar.

Easy money and a great way to earn passive income – as most of us post on forums for free. If you’re really clever, you could also link out to an affiliate program or just use an affiliate link that pays per signup or per sale. You can check out NeverBlueAds or Commission Junction for some offers, and use tinyurl to disguise the link ;-)

To sell your sig just advertise it on a forum like DP and if you’ve loads of posts and you’re a long time user, you’ll have no problem making a few bucks.

10. Sell your unwanted stuff

Don’t try and tell me you don’t have an old phone or computer or cd player lying about the house. LIAR!!

Get you’re ass in gear, get that stuff on ebay or craigslist and sell it. It only gathers dust and takes up space otherwise. Unless it’s a collectable or has sentimental value, the only thing stopping you from getting rid of this stuff is pure laziness. I know because I’m just like you  But I do my best to sell any junk I don’t want.

Not only can you get rid of it on ebay/craigslist, you can also make money from it! Everyone’s a winner – you get rid of the stuff, you get paid, the buyer is a happy and ebay take a small cut of the dosh.

I hope you liked this article. Please feel free to digg, stumble or bookmark this post. Comments appreciated. For a more exhaustive list of online money making resources, please visit our squidoo lens - earning money online

Big List of Paid to Write Sites


There are quite a few good sites on the net these days that pay you for writing sponsored posts on blogs or writing articles or submitting reviews of software etc. Almost all of them pay via PayPal. I thought it would be nice to compile a list of them, so here goes:

Sponsored Posts Programs (you need to have a blog)

  1. PayPerPost: It's the original site that started it all - the business of advertisers seeking sponsored posts on popular blogs. Payperpost is the perfect marketplace where bloggers sell posting space on their blogs while advertisers pay them through payperpost to write about their product/site. You can earn between $5 to $100 per blog post depending on your pagerank and traffic.

  2. Sponsored Reviews: is a similar service to payperpost in the sense that you get paid for writing about the advertiser's products or services. But there's also a big difference between the 2 services. Sponsored reviews allows bloggers bid their own price for writing about the advertiser's stuff which is then shown directly to the advertiser who accepts or rejects your bid. IF accepted you are given 7 days within which you write the sponsored post and submit it. You're paid within a week of submission via paypal.

  3. Smorty: is another sponsored blogging service that requires your blog to be at least 3 months old in order to qualify. You can register multiple blogs with Smorty, although you cannot review the same products or sites on more than one blog. Paid blog posts start at $6 each, with up to $100 per post possible for high traffic blogs and/or blogs with a high PageRank on Google. Bloggers get paid weekly on Smorty.

  4. LinkWorth: LinkWorth is primarily a text link marketplace but features a few programs of particular interest to bloggers. Their LinkPost program allows you to make money with sponsored blog posts. But if you prefer sponsored links instead of full sponsored posts, they offer that as well with their LinkInTxt program. In both programs, you will earn 70% of what the advertiser has paid for the sponsored post or link.

  5. Pay Me To Blog About You: is a new sponsored blog program that includes both sponsored blog posts and sponsored links. The site basically acts as a marketplace where advertisers can browse to find a blog to hire, or bloggers can place bids (i.e. how much they would like to be paid) for different opportunities that appear on the site. Pay Me To Blog About You also features a messaging system that allows bloggers and advertisers to negotiate directly with each other.

    Get Paid to Write Articles and Reviews (No need to own a blog)

  6. Associated Content: Associated Content provides a wide variety of different ways to produce content and be paid for it. All types of original content are accepted - the focus is on written articles, but you can also send in videos, images, or audio clips. These can be on essentially any topic you like. AC will then review your submission and make an offer - generally between $3 and $20 - before publishing it on their site. You can also earn an additional monthly bonus if the content you create becomes popular on the site. Note that Associated Content is only available in the United States.

  7. Constant Content: Constant Content is a site that supplies articles, reviews, tutorials, and other types of content to clients looking to complete web sites or other web projects. You can register on the site as an author and begin publishing content of your own. You are able to set the price someone must pay to use your articles and Constant Content takes a 35% cut from this. You also have full control over the rights to your work. You can sell usage rights, which earn less but can be resold over and over, or you can choose to sell the full rights to the work and earn a larger one-time fee for it.

  8. Thisisby.us: Thisisby.us is a writing community where anyone can submit their original works. These can be articles, opinions, how-tos, or just general musings on just about any subject. 50% of the advertising revenue of the site goes to the writers. Readers of the site vote on which content they like the most, and more popular writers will receive a higher portion of the revenue. An additional 10% of the advertising revenue goes to those who sign up and comment on the articles.

  9. Shvoong: Shvoong is a site that specializes in abstracts, which are essentially condensed versions (summaries or reviews) of larger written works. Anyone can sign up to write abstracts, and you can write your abstracts on anything you choose, in any language. You then receive royalties based on how popular your abstracts are.

  10. Software Judge: is a software review site. They pay writers for honest, original, opinionated reviews of software. The software you review must be chosen and downloaded (for free) from the Software Judge site itself. At the time this was written, there are over 100 titles to choose from. You can submit a maximum of three reviews per day, and they pay as much as $50 for a review. Besides cash, Software Judge also offers free software incentives for their top reviewers. You must be able to accept Western Union payments to get paid for your reviews.